Coconut sugar has a unique aroma and is a delicious alternative to cane sugar. It has a subtle caramel flavour and can be used in place of regular sugar in coffee and other drinks, baked goods, and anything else where sugar is used.  

Coconut Sugar - The Benefits 

Coconut sugar is also considered to have a much lower glycemic index than the majority of other sugars and it also contains many useful micronutrients.

Coconut Sugar - Our Range

Coconut sugar is also known as coconut palm sugar or simply coconut sugar. Our coconut sugar is unrefined and unbleached and is without any additives.   We also sell coconut blossom syrup which is the liquid version of the sugar.

To make the sugar the inflorescence of the coconut palm tree is tapped and the sweet nutritious sap that flows from it is collected, filtered and minimally heated under controlled temperatures in order to allow the moisture to evaporate to form a syrup. When the coconut blossom syrup is allowed to caramelize and then cooled down, it forms sugar crystals which are then pulverized and sifted into fine coconut blossom sugar.

Coconut blossom syrup which is the syrup (liquid) version of the sugar before it has caramelised and cooled down to form sugar crystals. Our coconut syrup is also a great alternative to honey for vegans and in liquid form is excellent for making homemade chocolate with our cocoa liquors and powder.