Who are we?

We are an organic family food business based in East Lothian, Scotland. In 2011 we started the Real Food Source to offer high quality foods suitable for those who wanted to optimise their health through diet and nutrition. Our products are gluten, dairy and soy free and not what you will easily pickup at the supermarket. We also offer recipes, ideas and tips for using these products focussing on those with allergies or specific dietary requirements so that everyone can enjoy a healthy diet and find it easier to avoid processed and highly refined foods. We aspire to be a trusted, ethical, online source of genuine organic products. We only provide honest food facts and we focus on the product not the packaging so our customers always get the best quality at the best prices.

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What do we offer?

At the RealFoodSource we offer the best in conventional and certified organic real foods at great prices with exceptional customer service. A place where our customers with food intolerances, allergies or specific dietary requirements can find what they need. A website also offering recipes and tips on how to use these foods.

Organic certification is your guarantee that all due diligence throughout the supply chain has been performed to ensure the organic integrity of both company and product.  The RealFoodSource and it's organic products are certified by the Scottish Organic Producers Authority (SOPA). 

All our products are gluten and soya free, and most are suitable for customers following lower carbohydrate diets such as paleo or primal diets. In a world of growing organics fraud and unregulated food businesses we also want to be a trusted, ethical, online source of genuine organic products. 

At the RealFoodSource we focus on providing relevant nutrition facts and encourage our customers to do their own independent research on the health benefits of our products. We concentrate our efforts on sourcing the best in real foods from around the world to sell at the very best prices in the UK. We will never try to increase sales with tenuous health claims, fancy packaging, or hype. 


Latest News

Latest Recipes

Sports Nutrition - Introducing Sharon Laws

More and more the RealFoodSource products are being used by athletes who believe in natural, unprocessed real foods for their diet so we are really excited to have the cyclist Sharon Laws guest blog for us this month and sharing her love of our hemp protein with some great recipes..  

Coconut Oil - We're Simplifying Our Range

You may have noticed we are currently simplifying our coconut oil range.  We used to offer many organic oils from around the world but have taken on board your feedback and will now keep our range simpler to make it easier for you to choose your favourite oil.

Banana-Hemp Recovery Ice Cream

As an athlete eating sufficient protein immediately after intensive training is important, but this is not always that easy as you often don’t feel that hungry.  

I’ve solved this problem by coming up with a recipe for banana-hemp recovey ice cream which is so delicious I can’t wait to get back from my ride to eat it!  It's also perfect in hot weather as it helps cool me down.  

Banana-Hemp Protein Pancakes

As an athlete eating well is essential for performance.  Eating sufficient protein immediately after intensive training is important for reducing muscle soreness and fatigue.

These delicious protein pancakes tick all the boxes. The recipe is quick and easy, perfect for rustling up between training sessions.