New Product - Organic Cashew Paste

The realfoodsource has been offering organic almond paste for a few months now. It has quickly become our favourite gluten free baking ingredient. Check out some of our recipes on this site.

We have now added organic cashew paste which offers another interesting alternative to the almond paste. 

Organic Cashew Paste

Organic cashew butter is a smooth and creamy paste ideal for creating non-dairy milks, creams, smoothies, ice-creams and sauces and is produced by grinding organic raw cashews until a smooth paste is formed.  It is typically a little runnier than blanched almond paste and readily combines with other ingredients in any recipe. Cashew butter is also great for use in baking as it imparts a mild and buttery flavour to compliment any recipe, and gives a chewy texture to cookies. Also wonderful for thickening sauces and curries.

The protein to carbohydrate ratio makes cashew butter an appealing snack option if you're trying to adhere to a low-carbohydrate, high-protein diet as well as being suitable for many types of gluten/grain free diets.

Cashews are not actually nuts but the seeds of the cashew tree, known scientifically as Anacardium occidentale. These seeds, encased in shells that are removed before processing, adhere to the base of the cashew apple, which is the tree’s fruit. Rich in healthy monounsaturated fats and essential minerals, cashews also offer a number of health benefits. Their high levels of oleic acid have been shown to promote cardiovascular health.

This product is supplied in 1kg tubs. Available in pack sizes from 1 x 1kg tub to 6 x 1kg tubs. The more you buy the lower the per kg price! Less than £11.50 per kg when buying 6 1kg tubs.