We are very excited to announce that the RealFoodSource is rebranding. We hope you like our new design as much as we do.  You will see our logo has changed and we have decided to let the food do the talking! 

We are also changing our website, all our labels and our other online channels such as Facebook so look out for our new design over the next few months.  You may have already received one of our new green pouches and look out for the other changes coming very soon.

During our transition to our new branding you may receive some items in the older style pouches to what is shown when you purchase the product.  Don't worry, it's still the same great quality food inside the pouch, we are just changing each product one at a time.  Being a small team we can't do them all at once!  

The RealFoodSource has always been about sourcing the best quality foods from around the world and making them available at the best possible price (which will always be on our website).  Indeed that's why we set up the company as we couldn't find the foods we wanted easily or at a decent price and we believe eating well should not be expensive. We think our new logo reflects this, indeed our favourite products we love the most and have worked hard to source over the last 4 years are in each letter!