Coconut Oil - We're Simplifying Our Range

You may have noticed we are currently simplifying our coconut oil range.  We used to offer many organic oils from around the world but have taken on board your feedback that our range had become to complicated to choose an oil.  We will now keep our range simpler.

To do this we are changing our range to offer a RealFoodSource Cold Pressed, Centrifuged and Whole Kernel Oils, these will always be sourced from producers that we have worked with for many years and always offer excellent quality extra virgin coconut oils. We will offer all these oils in 1 litre and 500ml quantities and bulk quantities up to 8 litres (8 x 1 litre) for excellent value.  As coconut oil has such a good shelf life this can be a great saving if you consume a lot of coconut oil.  We also offer them all in both HDPE plastic and glass jars so you can choose your preference as we know a lot of our customers like to have the option of purchasing their coconut oil in glass. While there is sufficient demand we will also continue to offer our very popular Premium cold pressed oil from the Philippines.  

From time to time we will work with small producers during particular harvests and we will bring in limited edition oils to showcase oils from other locations, currently we have an excellent value Mexican Cold Pressed oil and a Thai Centrifuged oil. 

We have also been working very hard to source coconut oil at the very best price for our customers.  To do this we offer Eco tubs of coconut oil that are packed at source in economy HDPE tubs to keep the price low.  This means the local company (in Sri Lanka) makes a little more and you the customer saves a bit on a great quality oil. The tubs are not the quality of our house oils but if you don't mind about the packaging it makes a great value choice.

Finally, although the majority of our range are organic extra virgin coconut oils we also offer organic deodorised coconut oil.   Although we would always recommend our organic virgin for maximum nutritional benefits we understand some customers do not like the smell or taste of coconut and it is also a lot cheaper.  We will also be sourcing a non organic cold pressed coconut oil to add to our range very soon too, to offer an even lower cost virgin oil, for those on a tighter budget. 

We will also be changing our labelling to reflect our simplified range.   We hope you enjoy our coconut oils as much as we do.  If you haven't done so already download our free Coconut Oil recipe ebook here that gives lots of recipes for adding coconut oil to your diet along with a host of other ideas for using this very versatile oil.