May 2016 Great Unique New Products Newsletter


RealFoodSource is all about sourcing the best quality real food products we can find and we're now creating a fantastic range of innovative, leading edge nutritionally packed products with the ingredients we sell. We firmly believe healthy eating should be affordable and convenient for everyone. Staying true to our values we are making these available at fantastic prices, we are not driven by profit, we are driven by our love of food! We've got unique coconut oil blends, boost porridges, coconut milk powders and energy boosting blends and protein mixes, there's also lots more products coming soon. To make it easy to use them in a multitude of ways (we know smoothies and shakes can get boring!) we've also got our free recipe ebooks packed with quick and easy recipe ideas!

Our Ground Breaking Selection Of Oil Blends
We have created a range of ground breaking organic coconut oil blends that take the nutrition profile of coconut oil up one step higher. We add omega goodness, more antioxidants and vitamins by combining with our other highly nutritious oils. We add a scoop of these oils to our smoothie blends everyday for a boost of good fats. You can find them here!
Raw Chocolate Hemp Blend
Want a plant based protein shake with the goodness of organic hemp and with all the antioxidants and magnesium from organic raw cacao not chocolate flavouring? With big tree farms raw cacao in the mix this is as raw as chocolate gets! You can also grab our Chocolate Hemp ebook where we’ve put together our favourite smoothie, post workout energy bar and other recipes to make with it. Available here!

RealFoodSource Energy Blend
We designed our convenient excellent value Energy Blend to be full of our favourite energy giving ingredients we sell. Add our blend into your smoothies and juices, porridge, granola and yogurts in an easy tablespoon or two! It’s got organic chia, organic raw cacao, organic baobab, organic maca and we’ve even added our coconut milk powder for a creamy finish with the coconut goodness! Find it here!
Porridge with the Best Nutritional Boost

We've developed our unique Organic Chia Berry Boost Porridges. A no compromise porridge with over 40% organic goji berries, mulberries and chia. We've even created a dairy free coconut milk version for your dairy free porridge option. Grab them here.

Raw Chocolate Hemp Protein Bars Recipe
Our delicious Raw Chocolate Hemp Protein Bars are just the snack you need for a great energy boost for anytime of the day. Just one of the recipes to make with our Raw Chocolate Hemp Protein above, the recipe is included in our free Chocolate Hemp recipe ebook. You can view the full recipe here!
Best Before Dates and Food Waste
There's lots in the media at the moment about unnecessary food waste which is something RealFoodSource is very passionate about so we wanted to to do our bit and share a blog post to explain more about our best before dates and why our foods can be fine to eat after their date. Check in out here.
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