Organics - The Standards and What That Means In Practice

Organics - The Standards and What That Means In Practice

So what does ORGANIC actually mean and what do companies like ourselves have to do to call our products organic?  We follow strict processes for our organic certification and audits and that's part of the reason why we get so hacked off by those companies committing organic fraud as it makes it difficult for certified companies to compete, especially ONLINE WHERE FRAUD IS PREVALENT.  It's time to DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!

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Organics and Why We are Blogging About It...

Organics and Why We are Blogging About It...

There is currently talk in the media about organics fraud and it is something we have been concerned about for a long time.  Monday night's TV program Shop Secrets: Tricks of the Trade on Channel 4 (14th April 2014) on selling cheap supermarket veg on a market stall as "organic" is just the tip of the iceberg. Organic Fraud is on the rise especially in online marketplaces that don't have organic food fraud policies.  Companies make false organic claims and even display organic logos in these marketplaces when they don't have the legally required organic certification. This is fraud!

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Almonds - Rising Prices

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You may have noticed our organic almond products have been creeping up in price over the last few months.  Organic almond prices around the world have had sharp increases and we've had to pay a lot more to source our almond flours and paste.  We're doing all we can to keep our prices low but the world wholesale price of almonds is out of our control.

To offer a cheaper almond product we've sourced a wonderful non organic almond flour which we hope you'll like.  It's available in 500grams and 1kg packs.  If there is sufficient demand we will also offer a lower priced non organic almond paste too. 




New Ecuadorian Arriba Couverture and Liquor Drops

We're really pleased to start the year with 2 lovely Ecuadorian cocoa products to add to our range - our new Ecuadorian Chocolate Couverture and Liquor Drops produced from Nacional Arriba cocoa beans grown in the province of Guayas.


The Ecuadorian Aribba chocolate comes in drop form and has a wonderful taste and aroma.  It's a delightful creamy, smooth 75% chocolate that has a very floral profile accompanied by low acidity and a pleasant note of astringency.  The cocoa stays on the palette and you can taste the delicious cocoa a long time after eating.  It's 75% cocoa and yet it's not bitter like you would expect with such a high cocoa content, just extremely morish. We can't stop snacking on these little buttons!  Once again we've gone for simple, great quality chocolate with the ingredients just 74.8% Cocoa Solids, 25% Cane Sugar and 0.2 Vanilla Extract.


The Ecuadorian 100% Arriba Cocoa Liquor drops are made from the same beans and have the same taste and flavour profiles.  Combine these drops with our cocoa butter and your sweetener of choice to make fabulous home made chocolate.  Alternatively eat with dates as we do for a quick, improvised, sweetened treat.

Both products are supplied in small coin sized drops for easy weighing and melting. These are fantastic new cocoa products at a great price.  We hope you like them as much as we do.



UK Shipping now only £2.99

We are evaluating using royal mail for some small orders to allow us to ship to the entire UK a great a great price. Only £2.99!

We never liked having to charge more for certain areas of the UK, especially the highlands and other parts of Scotland that incur significant courier surcharges. We hope our changes allow customers from all over the UK to try our wonderful products sold at sensible prices.

Please see our delivery section of our website for further details.