Coconut ‘noodles’

Sometimes it is the really simply recipes that I love the most… simply healthy snacks that take all but 5 minutes to prepare are those that I come back to again and again.

This is one such recipe…and it’s barely even a recipe! 

If you are a regular reader over at my blog Including Cake then you may already know about my love of the julienne peeler! I posted a very similar recipe to this here a few weeks back and I make it all the time throwing s few extra ingredients such as soy beans in here and there. However now with the addition of flavoured coconut oil the recipe is stripped back even further…taking on a new realm of simplicity (although feel free to add more spices etc of you wish)

This makes for a perfect light lunch instead of a salad when a warming bowl of noodles most appeals. The best thing about this dish is the use of the parsnip to visually replicate regular noodles, it really does work a treat. You can basically use any veg you like along with the parsnip so long as you can ‘julienne’ it- hence why long veg is best, the mix of the three below is my go-to combination (note: I have also tried aubergine but the uncooked texture is awkward to peel)

This dish would also make a great supplement to a Thai or Chinese inspired meal if you wanted something more substantial.

Recipe: Coconut noodles

Serves 1


2 tsp flavoured coconut oil (I used kaffir leaves and lime)

Half a courgette

One small parsnip

1 carrot

Large handful or roasted peanuts or sesame seeds


Prepare the vegetables by peeling into ‘noodles’ with a julienne peeler.

Heat the coconut oil in a frying pan until hot then add the vegetables and stir fry at a fairly high heat for approx. 5 minutes until just cooked but retaining a little firmness. At the peanuts or sesame seeds in the final minute.

Serve immediately.