Quick And Easy Almond Paste Pancakes

Our simple almond paste pancake recipe with some added mixed fruit

Almond Paste is our favourite new gluten free ingredient for on demand, quick and easy gluten free baking. Made with the same organic blanched Spanish almonds as our ground almond flour, it is ground longer until a paste is formed. This versatile paste does not have the strong flavour associated with almond butter which is usually made with roasted almonds. We have found it easier and quicker to create simple gluten free treats than using almond flour. The results also have a finer texture than the equivalent almond flour versions.

Over the last few weeks we have been making very tasty pancakes, muffins and cookies using just three simple ingredients, organic eggs, organic coconut sugar, and the new organic almond paste. We intend to post a series of recipes using these three basic ingredients. It is quite amazing the combinations you can come up with quickly. 

At the moment we seem to be baking quickly on demand and don't have the time to plan. If family call up to say they are coming over and quick a cookie recipe is required you can throw together these three basic ingredients and get in the oven. Or if our daughter decides its pancake morning on a lazy sunday we want a gluten free recipe you can pull together in a few minutes that you know works and everyone can enjoy. Therefore we wanted the recipes to be very easy even for the novice and pretty forgiving even if the weight measurements are not precise or the eggs size varies for example. You will in general always end up with something edible even if things do go wrong! 

Without further ado here is our first recipe - really easy gluten and dairy free almond paste pancakes. We made these yesterday for lazy sunday. They can be made with just two eggs and almond paste but we like a little coconut sugar just to add a hint more sweetness. Using a ratio of 50g almond paste to 1 large eggs results in a thicker american style pancake. Although milk (or non dairy equivalent) can be added to produce a thinner pancake we want to keep this first recipe as simple as possible. Please note we use a stand mixer but any decent hand mixer or a strong beating hand should produce similar results.


2 large Eggs

100g Almond Paste

10g Coconut Sugar [optional] 

Oil for greasing pan (we used our organic virgin coconut oil)

Complete pancake


Break the eggs into the mixing bowl and beat/mix well. If you are going to add the optional coconut sugar then add now and mix until dissolved.

Eggs & Coconut sugar ready for mixing.


Add the almond paste and mix until a creamy batter is formed ensuring there are no lumps of almond paste.

Add the almond paste to the mixed eggs and coconut sugar and mix until a creamy batter is formed.


Heat a non stick frying pan and rub with the coconut oil(or other chosen oil). You just want a small amount of oil to coat the pan. 

Using a medium heat scoop pour approximately a quarter of the batter into the pan. If you want a thicker pancake simply do nothing else or swirl the pan to spread the batter to the desired thickness. Using a moderate heat, ensuring the pancakes do not burn, cook until the top of the pancake is nearly set.

Heat gently in non stick pan.


Using a spatular flip the pancake and cook gently for a minute or two until cooked. Repeat three more times and you should end up with four light fluffy pancakes. How easy is that!

Almost cooked pancake

Enjoy with lemon and (coconut) sugar, drizzle with syrup, indulge with strawberries and cream or eat savoury. We had them with chilli last week.

Alternatives: add dairy/non dairy milk to make thinner pancakes
Add a tiny amount of vanilla powder for vanilla almond pancakes.
Here is the same recipe with some dried mixed fruit added. These are great for cooking in batch and can be eaten the next day for breakfast on the run.

Next time we will look at a really easy almond paste muffin recipe.