Coconut chai latte

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Post By  Jo @ Including Cake

Last weekend I took some time out for a city break with my family. Much of the time was spent eating and drinking teas and coffees in a mix of quaint, beautiful and modern cafes and coffee shops. 

My sister has a thing for a chai latte and though I don't drink dairy milk, I was intrigued to take a sip to see what flavours tasted like. It was thick smooth and lightly spiced. I knew the minute I got home I wanted to replicate my own Chai Latte!

I had a really simple idea and it worked pretty well for me, I'm also thinking the same principle should work with any herbal tea bag of choice and maybe even added cocoa for a chocolate twist!

Just add as much 30% coconut milk powder as necessary to create the creaminess you desire, I ended up adding approximately 1 slightly heaped tablespoon for a fairly large mug. I also added a little carob for an extra depth of flavour and colour, but that's optional.

Whisk well and infuse the teabag… That's all there is to it!

Let us know what flavour combinations you come up with?


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Recipe: Chai Latte


  • Chai teabag of choice
  • 1 tbs* (or more to taste 30% coconut milk powder (the higher oil powder produces a visible oily residue)
  • 1/4 tsp carob powder (optional) 
  • stevia or coconut sugar to taste
  • boiling water  


Mix dry ingredients together and add boiling water to fill the mug halfway, whisk well to ensure no lumps of coconut milk powder. Fill the mug with boiling water and add the teabag, stirring lightly and allowing it to infuse for a few minutes before drinking.

*note I originally added 2 teaspoons of powder and then after these photos were taken I decided it needed a little bit more! 


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