Mini Christmas Pudding

Post by Jo @includingCake and Julie @realfoodsource

A mini Christmas pudding to make in a day... gluten free, sugar free but with all the same festive decadence and flavour! 

Serve it topped with a quick coconut cream by blending our coconut milk powder with a little warm water... add vanilla or spices if desired. 

This pudding also keeps well in the fridge to eat cold or simply microwave for a minute to warm through.

P.s The recipe is featured in our Christmas Recipe ebook updated for Christmas 2014 and available to download for free in our store here.

Recipe: Mini Christmas Pudding

(Makes 2 mini puddings or one larger one, serves 2-4)



In a food processor pulse the dried apricots very roughly and then add the sultanas and raisins and pulse a few times to achieve a very coarse paste (the raisins should still be mostly whole). Transfer to a small bowl and mix through the grated apple. Add all remaining ingredients and mix well.

Spoon the mixture into two silicone egg poachers or one slightly larger domed bowl (using silicone is so much easier to remove once cooked). Cover the tops very well, I used baking parchment and then foil over folded tightly to the rim.  Steam the puddings with the bowl half submerged in simmering water with the covered top well out of the water. Steam for 90 minutes for 2 mini puddings or slightly longer for a larger pudding. Allow to cool with the tops still fully covered, and uncover when ready to serve.