Healthy Honeycomb and No Nut Nutty Easter Chocolates!

Post by Julie @realfoodsource and Jo @ Including Cake

Bee pollen and hemp seeds are fantastic new additions to our store and with Easter just around the corner it was time to have some fun and get experimenting with some new healthy chocolatey additions.  Both bee pollen and hemp seeds work a treat when sprinkled on our coconut sugar dark chocolate.

We love our new bee pollen and find it a unique ingredient, by way of flavour and nutritional benefit. It is notably high in protein, vitamins, iron, zinc and fibre, bee pollen also claims to be an energy and immunity boost (though we always shy away from these type of claims and ask our customers to do their own research as there are always far too many companies jumping on band wagons to sell their products!)  Hemp seeds are high in protein, dietary fibre, omega fatty acids and minerals and with their lovely nutty flavour make a wonderful nutty combo with our chocolate.

We love the bright colour of the bee pollen too it makes a great topping to porridge and smoothies, but when sprinkled over these melted coconut sugar chocolate drops it really intensifies the subtle caramel flavour of the coconut sugar and creates what I consider to be healthy honeycomb chocolate.

The yellow sprinkles are perfect for forthcoming Easter celebrations too!  The recipe below is for the bee pollen ones but just switch the bee pollen for hemp seeds to create the no nut, nutty alternative!

Recipe: Healthy Honeycomb Chocolate



Carefully melt the coconut sugar chocolate with the coconut oil. The oil is optional but I find it helps make the chocolate much more silky smooth to pour into moulds.

Pour into moulds of choice (I used the bottom of silicone mini muffin cups), or pour onto a lined baking sheet for more of a bark effect!

Sprinkle over the top of the chocolate an even layer of bee pollen and allow to set in the fridge. Break into shards once set hard if using a baking sheet. Best stored in the fridge.

... then I made some mini versions with both hemp and bee pollen. Pretty sprinkles!

... then I made some mini versions with both hemp and bee pollen. Pretty sprinkles!