Chia Pudding

A simple breakfast or snack with our fantastic new RealFoodSource Energy Blend, swap up your own mix-ins to add variety every time!

Serves 1


1 small banana
1 tbs energy blend
2 tbs chia seeds
1/3 cup water (hot if needed to gel the seeds faster)


Mash the banana well (leaving a few slices for the top if desired) and add to a small bowl along with the remaining ingredients. Stir through to mix evenly.

Allow to thicken up for 15 mins to 1 hour- using hot water will gel the chia seeds faster.

Options: Instead of banana you could use other fruits such as berries or oranges or use fruit juice instead of water. You could add extra cacao for a chocolatey flavour or vanilla. You could add chopped nuts or nut paste or a tablespoon of protein powder for extra protein.