Power Porridge

Porridge has just got a whole lot easier with our new RealFoodSource instant gluten free porridge oats blend. Just add hot milk or water and go!  Choose your favourite RealFoodSource ingredients to top, here we use blueberries but you could try our dried cherries, gojis or cranberries too. Alternatively try our cacao nibs or our chia or for a quick pudding option sprinkle on our coconut sugar chocolate drops, delicious!

Serves 2


1 cup porridge oats
3 tbs energy blend
2 1/2 cups non-dairy milk (or hot water and 3 tbs coconut milk powder)
approx. 2 tsp agave or coconut syrup- optional depending of fruits used
Blueberries or other fruits for topping


Using RealFoodSource new instant gluten free porridge oats blend you just need to heat the milk and stir into the oats and energy blend (the super quick option!).  Mix in your syrup and sprinkle with your fruit topping. If you are using other oats you will need to bring the ingredients to the boil in the saucepan and simmer for a few minutes before adding the sweetener and fruit toppings.

Option: Instead of oats you could make a quinoa bowl- it makes a great porridge substitute with a slightly nuttier flavour.