August 2016 - Mango, Pumpkins Seeds and Cacao Powder Newsletter

We've got some great new products to share with you below! Check out our wonderful Organic Unroasted Peruvian Cocoa/Cacao Powder just £6.89 a kilo. Made from the highest quality cocoa beans and fantastic for smoothies, cacao drinks, raw bars and cakes. We also have delightful Pumpkin Seeds. We've added both cost effective conventional pumpkin seeds and the best, nutty crispiest organic ones we could from Austria. Try them in our Baked Granola guest recipe from the lovely ladies over at TendNutrition. Alternatively, if you fancy something to zest up your summer snack mixes, check out our new Organic Mango Strips, our 3 year old's favourite new snack!  
Organic Unroasted Peruvian Cocoa/Cacao Powder
We are excited to share with you our wonderful unroasted cocoa/cacao powder from the highest quality Peruvian cocoa beans from Ecoandino. 500g just £3.89, 1kg just £6.89. You can find this product here! Interested in why we don't call our new unroasted cocoa "raw", check out our blog post on Can Cocoa Ever Be Truly Raw
Pumpkin Seeds
Pumpkin seeds are an excellent source of protein, fibre, essential fatty acids, magnesium, iron, zinc, essential fatty acids and potassium. We've got conventional seeds at £5.89 a kilo and the Grade AAA organic ones from Austria at just £9.49 a kilo. You can find both products here!
Granola Recipe
A delightful Baked Granola recipe from the lovely ladies over @tendnutrition, Jude and Sarah create awesome paleo recipes we love with lots of fun and humour in their vibrant blog. Here a delicious baked granola with pumpkin seeds, cherries, macadamias, cacao nibs and more! Check out the recipe here.
Organic Mango Strips
Our delicious organic dried mango strips are delicious to snack on straight from the bag or in homemade trail mixes with our nuts and chocolate. Our 3 year old's favourite new snack and likely to be a lunch box favourite for back to school. 500g just £6.99, 1kg just £11.99! You can grab them here.
Create Your Own Snack Mixes
Healthier snack packs are replacing confectionary at most shop check-outs this summer. Avoid paying the huge shop markup and buy your own top quality ingredients to create your own mixes at a fraction of the price. Our box for the kids gets filled every morning for trips in the summer hols. Here we use our Organic Mango Strips, Pecan Nuts, Pumpkin Seeds and Chocolate Drops. Check out our ever growing healthy snacking range here and get mixing!
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