Chilled chia soft serve

In continuing my no-bake experiments to take us through the hot summer days, here at Including Cake I have been concocting a few experiments of the chilled variety. Chia soft serve… a simple version of an icecreamy dessert with all the luxury but with maximum health factor.

This ia wonderfully cooling breakfast, snack or dessert and with the added bonus of the hydrating qualities of the chia seeds.  This recipes simply calls for chilling the mixture until it begins to freeze but you can take this further and go for a chia ice cream as I created here, note that without the addition of refined sugars and dairy fats the ice-cream will freeze harder than regular ice creams but I have found t hat a 30 minute thaw in the fridge prior to serving takes he edge of and will allow you to dish the icecream up, it can then simply go back in the freezer if need be.

The chilled chia soft serve is best made in quantities  to eat on the same day (unless you want to fully freeze into an icecream). You could alternatively make a larger batch and keep in the fridge for more of a chia pudding without the’just frozen’ texture.

This is another simple recipe base where you can easily play around with topping until your hearts content. I particularly like the banana soft serve with a sprinkle chocolate granola topping, or how about a crumbled smoosh bar or simply go chia crazy and add a dollop of chia jam!

Recipe: Chilled chia soft serve

Serves 1


½ cup yoghurt of choice (I used soy)
2 tbs chia seeds (plus extra to sprinkle serving if desired)
¼ cup fruit puree (i.e apple , strawberry , raspberry or banana puree)
Spices to complement the fruit.e. a large pinch each of cinnamon and nutmeg
Extra fruit or granola for optional topping


Mash/blend all ingredients together to achieve a fairly smooth consistency. Store in fridge of min. 30 mins. before serving to thicken up. Store in the freezer for a 2-3 hours to create a soft-serve dessert.

Note: the seeds look light fruit seeds, but to avoid the seeded  texture you could grind them first.