Chocolate covered coconut balls

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Post by Jo @ including Cake

I love smooshing things up...can you tell? 

You've already see the results in these breakfast bars, these chocolate crackles and plenty of other no-bake snacks over at Including cake. It's a pretty foolproof formula once you've balanced the ratios of wet to dry, oh and a powerful food processor helps too!

However with these balls I kept things as simple as possible as its the chocolate coating that i'm really raving about! Yeah it's pretty exciting.

Real Food Source have been busy behind the scenes to bring you the first new product... a fully organic, fully 'free from' chocolate created from just two simple ingredients: cocoa solids and sugar. I can barely believe the simplicity myself, and the taste? ...simply 'melt in your mouth' goodness. Knowing that it's actually good for me too does bring an extra large smile to my face.

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The chocolate couverture has a high proportion of cocoa butter such there there is no need for any additional emulsifier, the result is a silky smooth chocolate that melts with ease, perfect to use as a decorative covering. I also played around with creating chocolate buttons, by pouring chocolate into a small freezer bag and cutting the corner of to squeeze out small discs. A few minutes in the freezer is all it took to firm them back up.

Perfect for gifts or as as treat that everyone can enjoy. These would make the perfect alternative to Easter eggs this year! Give it a try and get creative. We'd love to hear your thoughts on the new chocolate in the comments section!

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Recipe: Chocolate covered coconut balls


1 cup dates

1 coconut flakes


1/2 cup broken couverture chocolate pieces (approx ¼ cup once melted)

Toppings: as desired- coconut flakes, white chia seeds, nuts, dried fruit, chocolate buttons (made from couverture)


Process the dates and the coconut flakes until sticky and coarsely ground.  Form into balls and chill for an hour or so in the fridge (or briefly in the freezer) This will assist the setting time for the chocolate couverture)

The prepare the couverture break the chocolate into squares and melt either in a water bath or in the microwave (I microwaved on full power for approx 2 minutes stirring half way through). Prepare the toppings of choice and set aside ready.

Carefully dip the date and coconut balls in the melted chocolate to coat half of the ball. Top with white chia seeds (or any toppings of choice) and allow to set in the fridge.

Note: to make chocolate buttons. Spoon the chocolate into a small food bag, using your fingers press the mixture towards a corner of the bag and cut the very tip of the corner off. ‘Pipe’ buttons on a silicone or parchment liner and freeze until ready for use.

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