Easter nests

Post by Jo @ including Cake

Easter time is nearly upon us...and I am some what un-prepared! Things have been very busy of late back home at Including Cake and also over here at the Real Food Source with the launch of the new chocolate bars. Exciting times!

So in the festive spirit and because it's the perfect time to enjoy this chocolate, a recipe for Easter nests seemed to be me the obvious answer!

I have used a mix of flaked and desiccated coconut for the nests, but you could mix in nuts, seeds, strands of noodles or even the classic shredded wheat if you are not gluten intolerant ...basically have a play with anything flaky and 'nest' like.  

For the eggs in the centre I used a almond flavoured date and coconut variation of these these 'smoosh bars' omitting the carob and adding a little almond extract and almond flour as needed to get the right texture, but you could go for any flavour your preferred. I then placed the eggs on a dollop of vegan yoghurt mixed with coconut flour to form a thick creamy paste ( I have another post on the amazing coconut flour creation to come next week).

However you may be celebrating ...have a Happy Easter!

Recipe: Easter nests

Makes 6-8 small nests


1 cup coconut flakes (or other add-ins)

approx. 1/4 cup melted coconut sugar chocolate (approx. 1/3 cup of broken chopped pieces prior to melting)

1/2 tsp almond extract- optional

a few drops of stevia if you would prefer to sweeten the nests a little more

1/3 cup worth of 'egg' mixture (see note above)

3 tbs plain yoghurt (any type works fine) mixed with 2 tsp fine coconut flour and a coupe of drops of stevia (or other sweetener of choice if required)


Melt the chocolate and mix the coconut flakes through to coat thoroughly. Add stevia and almond (or other extract) as desired. Spoon the mixture into the bottom of small cupcake cases, forming an indent in the centre and place in the fridge to set.

Meanwhile for the eggs, I made a full batch of smoosh bars and then kept some aside for snacks whilst forming the others into small egg shapes. 

For the coconut cream, simply mix the yoghurt and flour together to form a stiff smooth paste and then roll into balls and press into the indent in the nest (the nests should be nice and firm by now from their chilling time). Press the eggs into the coconut cream and you are good to go!

One creamy, chocolatey, almondy, coconutty creation...perfect for Easter!

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