Breakfast 'milk & sugar'

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When you think of breakfast cereal, many people would automatically think 'milk and sugar' since that is the automatic go to addition for most.

So what if there was an unrefined, non dairy 'milk & sugar' pre-made combo!

This recipe, is barely even a recipe.... it is simply a cleverly quirky combination requiring a quick blitz in a food processor. You can store the sugar blend in a jar in a cupboard for a few weeks, it may get a little sticky so may need a poke with  a spoon every now and again. It is so easy to make you'd only need to make a little at a time so it shoudn't have a chance to get hard and sticky. I found this works particularly well in hot cereals but in the photos I mixed it cold with a gluten free granola and it stirred through nicely.

In hindsight, next time I will add more coconut milk powder to the date mixture as shown in the photos since it could have easily taken the extra powder and would have resulted in a creamier milk mix. You could also add optional vanilla or cinnamon  to the mix if you were feeling particularly adventurous!  

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Recipe: Breakfast 'milk & sugar'


  • 1 cup packed with regular deglet noor dates (medjool tend to be too sticky)
  • 1/4 - 1/2 cup 30% coconut milk powder (or more?)


Blitz together adding the coconut milk powder slowly until the mixture naturally forms tiny balls. You can add as much coconut milk powder as the date mix can take, the more you add the less likely it will get sticky over time. The amount you add will also depend on the stickiness of your dates.







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