A boost of hemp!


Post By  Jo @ Including Cake

For those of you that have popped across to Including Cake you may be aware that I'm quite into fitness, and whilst I don't tend to supplement my protein intake on a regular basis every now and again I will add a boost of natural hemp protein powder to a recipe or a snack. 

Hemp protein powder is now newly on sale in the RFS shop which made me somewhat excited! For those that are intrigued to try but are not sure where to start, I thought I'd put together a mini round up of a few quick and easy recipes from my blog archives for you to try.  

You can by all means use hemp powder in many other ways too, smoothies are an obvious one but be careful to begin with using just a little so you don't create an undesirable texture.  I would also note here that I have had my greatest successes with chocolate flavoured recipes since chocolate compliments the natural earthy flavour of the hemp and also disguises any green tinge!  To add a boost of hemp to baked goods, start with a simple recipe that you are familiar with and try substituting up to 25% of the flour in the recipe with hemp powder instead.

We'd love to know how you get on, and for those familiar with using hemp what are your favourite ways to incorporate it into your diet? ....let us know in the comments!



Chocolate boost chilled mousse