Easy Chocolate Making Kit - Goji and Chia Bars

Create your own chocolate bars or filled chocolates at the RealFoodSource - try teaming up our chocolate couvertures with our Chia or Goji Berries

Create your own chocolate bars or filled chocolates at the RealFoodSource - try teaming up our chocolate couvertures with our Chia or Goji Berries

Here at the RealFoodSource it's gone a bit Willy Wonka and our kitchen has been knee deep in chocolate experiments!

At the moment we're mixing our chocolate with other ingredients we sell here at the RealFoodSource to produce some amazing nutritious bars that have fabulous textures and taste.  We've been making cocoa nib, goji and chia creations and even throwing some pepper and salt in along the way to see what we come up with!  Experiment away and create your own chocolate making kit by using our dark chocolate and your favourite ingredients.  We've been making 40g bars that are great for throwing in your bag for a mid morning treat or for a late night indulgence. Our favourites are the goji and chia creations we show you here below. Give the others a try too - our coconut sugar couverture with the cocoa nibs and rock salt makes an interesting mix!  Our dark chocolate also makes amazing filled chocolates, grab yourself a shell mould and use our cashew paste and mix in other ingredients to make indulgent fillings!


The bars are so easy to make.  All you need with the ingredients are a mould and if you want to get the tempering spot on (for snap and shine!) a food thermometer.  You can get moulds from most craft and foodware shops but if you are not to fussy about how it looks (it's the taste that matters!) you can use plastic tubs or ice cube tays successfully too.

Here's how we made the bars, we use an easy tempering method.  Makes about 5 40g bars.   Make larger quantities once you've mastered the tempering.


200g Free From Coconut Sugar Chocolate Couverture

30g RFS Goji Berries

30g RFS Organic Chia Seed


1. Take 2 bars (200g) of the chocolate couverture.  Break 150g into chunks and finely chop the other 50g.  

2. Heat the 150g of chocolate in a bowl over half a pan of water, heat the water up slowly for the chocolate to melt ensuring the water doesn't boil and no water gets into the bowl which will cause the chocolate to split. Keep mixing as the chocolate melts.

3. Once the chocolate has fully melted and reaches 55-58C remove bowl and pour about a third of the mixture into a separate bowl and keep in a warm place.  

4. Take the finely chopped chocolate and mix into the melted chocolate until all the pieces are melted (adding the finely chopped chocolate will cause the temperature to drop).  

5. Once all finely chopped pieces are melted and the temperature reaches 28-29C re-add the separated melted chocolate and mix (this will cause the temperature to increase).  

6. Put your thermometer in and closely monitor the temperature of the chocolate, once it reaches 31-32C degrees, it's time to use so quickly pour the chocolate mixture into your moulds.  

7. Sprinkle your chia and goji berries over the bars and place in the fridge to set.  

8. Leave for at least an hour before tapping your moulds to remove the bars. 

Note -  if the chocolate has reached the correct temperature and there are still pieces of unmelted chocolate, remove them before increasing the temperature.  If you leave them the chocolate will thicken very quickly and become sticky because of over-crystalisation.