Lavender Milk

Post by Jo @ Including Cake

In the summer I find I don't crave hot cocoa, that's so much more of a winter treat. However, sometimes I want a little something other than mint tea before bed and this lavender milk makes the perfect bedtime treat. 

I recently went lavender picking which made me want to create lavender recipes!

You can typically use either blanched almonds or cashews for this recipe but I find the easiest way is to the use the RealFoodSource nut pastes. You simply need a nut milk bag or fine cheesecloth to strain the lavender and nut residue for a super smooth milk or you can also drink it unstrained if using the pastes.

Recipe: Lavender milk

Serves 2



Blend until smooth (longer for kernels than the paste) and strain through a nut milk bag (or fine cheese cloth). Serve warm for a bedtime drink.