Chocolate Frosting & Sauce

Post by Jo @ Including Cake

We've been putting together all our favourite coconut oil recipes to share with you and here is a sneak preview of a recipe from our upcoming Coconut Oil Recipe Ebook (look out for next week's newsletter!)  

One of the best traits of coconut oil is its ability to be used as either a solid or a liquid fat, it really can replace all your traditional fats and oils in your everyday cooking. 

When used in chilled desserts these properties come into their own... blend in as a liquid and then allow to firm up as a solid. Perfect for frosting and mousses where you need a thick stable result.

These images show just how a frosting can become a sauce, by dressing a hot sponge the frosting gets melty round the edges- a self saucing frosted pud!  Obviously if you do not want the saucing effect ensure the sponge (or whatever you are frosting) is totally cool beforehand.

You could also use this as a thick icing for the centre of a sponge cake.

Recipe: Chocolate Frosting & Sauce

Makes enough to frost 8-12 muffins or one sponge cake (top and centre)



Mix all ingredients together ensuring no lumps remain in the coconut oil.

Spread the softened mixture straight onto the cake or use as a filling in a sponge cake. If the cake or dessert is slightly warm from the oven it will create a self saucing dessert topping when the frosting is spread on top.

Add any desired decoration to serve.