Dressed up Cocoa Liquor

Post by Jo @ Including Cake

I love making my own chocolate blends using coconut sugar, cacao liquid and cocoa butter...but sometimes I want to cut the sugar and simplify even further.  

I love these liquor drops and find them to be the least bitter pure cocoa I've ever tried- such that I can eat them on their own (or I pop a raisin in my mouth at the same time for a hint of sweetness!). I often like to melt the drops down (you could of course add other ingredients to make 'proper' chocolate) and press in some gojis, finely chopped dates and chia seeds for a great little superfood bite. I use a lot of dates in this scenario as they provides the only sweetness.

You could easily add nuts or seeds or other dried fruits too, or add an extract such as orange of vanilla to the melted cacao liquor. Vanilla often helps give the impression of sweetness without being sweet- which is good to know!

Recipe: Dressed up Cocoa Liquor

Ingredients (all approximates)


Melt the cacao liquor drops and pour into a small lined pan (I use the bottom of a 8" loaf pan). Press the dates into the mixture first and then top with gojis and a sprinkle of chia seeds.

The more dates you use the sweeter the 'chocolate' will be. You could stir them into the melted mixture before pouring into a slab for an even spread.