Get your Greens Bars!

Post by  Julie @realfoodsource & Jo @includingCake

Here at the RealFoodSource we love raw bars. They are so simple with so many flavour combinations. At this time of year, it's great to create something with a little sweetness but with a super healthy kick to re-boot after the indulgence of the holidays.  Raw bars are also a great addition for school lunch boxes for a special sweet treat for our little one that is full of goodness! 

These bars with wheatgreass and baobab powder certainly hit the spot... don't let that green hue deter you! I use a little cinnamon to work alongside the powers, but you could try other spices or cinnamon to taste.

Powders are always a great ingredient in raw bars as they work with the stickiness of the dates really well. Have a play to find the ratios that work best for your taste buds and always ensure you balance the ratios of dry ingredient against the dates so that the bars bind well. If you don't have a powerful food processor, either use softer medjool dates or try soaking the harder style dates and draining well before hand so they blend more easily. Note: this will change the consistency a little and the bars will need to be kept refrigerated for freshness.

Recipe: Wheatgrass & Baobab Bars



Blitz all ingredients together in a food processor (see notes above re soaking). You should have a slightly sticky mix that can easily be pressed into bars or squashed into balls with your hands. Add more dates or dry ingredients if needed to achieve this texture.

Keep refrigerated and eat within 2 weeks.

Note: I used desiccated coconut, but I imagine that ground almonds would work equally well in this recipe.