Christmas Wreaths

wreath 1.jpg

By Jo @includingcake

Wheatgrass has been used in so many of my festive recipes this season... and with good reason! It imparts a beautiful green colour as well as offering a lovely festive flavour that works so well when a touch of vanilla and mixed spice is added.

I made this in two ways... the first option used a corn flakes style cereal, which looked amazing, but broke when I tried to lift off the tray- note: if you go down this route crush them a little first and make sure there is enough surface area sticking together. Also make sure the wreaths have a good thickness all the way round.

The second time worked much better for me- they held up well! I used quinoa flakes in these photos. I also pressed the gojis on top but maybe next time I would chop them a little smaller and mix them in from the start.


Recipe: Christmas Wreaths

Makes 4-6 depending on size



Mix the all ingredients except the quinoa and goji's together in a small bowl. Add the gojis and quinoa last and mix to coat throughly.

On a lined baking sheet or similar, form wreath shapes with a spoon or your fingers, add almonds if desired then allow to set until firm in the fridge. Lift away from the surface carefully so they don't break when you serve them.