Mini Christmas Puds

By Jo @includingcake

A great no-bake recipe to make with the kids for Christmas.

I've made mini Christmas puds before, but these are much lighter with an altogether different ingredient base. I used puffed buckwheat as that is what I had to hand, but you could just as easily use puffed rice or quinoa. The 'custard' topping is very easy too and you could use pumpkin seeds alongside the goji's to make leaves.


Recipe: Mini Christmas Puds

Makes approx. 8



Melt the chocolate couverture and mix in the rice puffs to coat evenly. Place briefly in the fridge to stiffen, this makes it easier to form boulders. 

Meanwhile mix the cashew paste, vanilla and syrup in a small dish until smooth.

Take the chocolate mix out of the fridge and form round boulders on a lined baking sheet or large plate with your hands. Place in the freezer briefly to set.

Once set, using your finger, mould the cashew mix on top of each border and press in the goji berries to serve.