Easy Easter No-Bake Slices

Post by Julie @realfoodsource and Jo @ Including Cake

Another nutty, chocolatey delight, this time of the no-bake variety! 

I love layered up treats, they look so pretty... particularly if you chill the slices and use a sharp knife for neat edges. 

I added cinnamon to my almond layer, along with the syrup for a golden hue, but you could omit this altogether or use vanilla for a more subtle flavour. The toppings are also yours for experimentation. I enjoyed the bright contrast of the macadamias against the chocolate, but why not try bee pollen or golden berries for a flavoursome twist.

Recipe: Easy Easter No-Bake Slices


Bottom layer:



Blend all base ingredients together in a small food processor or mix well by hand until smooth and fully incorporated.

Press the thick slightly sticky mix into a small tin (I use the base of a loaf tin) so that the mixture is approx. 15mm thick. Melt the chocolate and pour over evenly before covering with chopped macadamias and cranberries. Allow to set fully in the fridge before slicing into squares. Best kept refrigerated.

* You could sub almond paste for slightly more blanched ground almond flour and a little more coconut oil.