Coconut, Orange and Cocoa Porridge

by Kezia at @supernaturallyhealthy  and Facebook

We're excited to have Kezia at SuperNaturallyHealthy back guest blogging for us this week with her delicious Coconut Orange and Cocoa Porridge, a healthy instant porridge alternative!  Kezia is a fellow scot who is also a health coach and wellness writer. Over to Kezia:

Did you  grow up eating instant porridge - you know the dust like stuff in a box that you just add hot water to. Nowadays I avoid cereal boxes and gluten but still wanted the ease of instant porridge that would leave me energised and ready for the day.

This simple and super quick  porridge recipe is the perfect gluten free breakfast option.  Top with cocoa powder and dried cranberries or your favourite summer fruit!

Recipe: Coconut, Orange and Cocoa Porridge

Serves 1


For the topping


In a bowl mix the zest, coconut flour, desiccated coconut and salt. Add the coconut syrup to the boiling/hot water and then slowly add to the coconut mix whilst stirring.

Add more sweetener to taste. If you want to make it more luxurious then dust over a 1/2 tsp of cacao or use 200ml of water mixed with coconut milk powder or almond milk.  Finally mix in the tablespoon of cranberries or a handful of your fruits of choice.

Sometimes changing our eating habits can feel like hard works but thankfully it doesn't need to be you just need a few recipes up your sleeve that you can whip out in a flourish! For more simple gluten and grain free recipes check out my blog