Summer Chia Choc Shake

A think and creamy shake or pudding...perfect as a summer dessert or snack. Grinding the chia seeds creates an extra super smooth and thick texture.  For a pudding increase the chia to 3-4 tablespoons and serve in ramekins.

Recipe: Summer Chia Shake

Serves 1-2



Blend all ingredients together until smooth. Pour into a glass/glasses and chill for a few minutes for a thicker cooler shake.  If you don't have our drinking chocolate just use cocoa/cacao powder in place of the cacao powder with 2 tsps of coconut syrup (as we do in our recipe in our chia recipe ebook!).

Note: to make a thicker chia pudding in a bowl, increase the chia to 3-4 tbs and serve in 2-3 ramekins.