Almond Breakfast Balls

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You’d think there might be a limit to how many energy bars a person can eat…. well I don't appear to have found it yet!  These Almond Breakfast Balls are nutrition packed and delicious!

Dates make the perfect sweetener and binder all in one, the flavour is subtle with tones of caramel and the perfect companion to the almonds in all their various forms.  In this recipe we have used our homemade almond butter (our recipe here!) but you can use our almond paste we sell in store too.  Chopped whole almonds and fine almond flour are in them too!  We've also added chia seeds and pumpkin seeds for good measure! The perfect breakfast on the run, or a satisfying snack at any time of day.

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Recipe: Almond breakfast balls

Makes 8 balls


150g dates         

50g almond paste or butter (see our homemade recipe here)

50g pumpkin seeds

50g whole almonds

15g whole chia seeds

10g extra fine almond flour

Pinch of sea salt if desired (omit if using salted almond butter)


Pre-grind whole almonds to desired texture and set aside. Blend dates with almond butter until smooth. Add all remaining ingredients and pulse to mix evenly.

Scoop into balls or bars and chill until firm.

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