Coconut cream topping

Post by Jo @ including Cake

You know how sometimes the best recipes are happy accidents...well this was one such recipe, and probably the most versatile and simple 'recipe' I have created to date. So simple it's barely a recipe!

The idea to use coconut flour to make a 'cream' first came to light whilst browsing the blogosphere (I can't remember by who or where I saw the idea) but my curiosity got the better of me and I tried with both non-dairy milks and yoghurts and all manner of creations have since come through my kitchen door...for example check out this amazing no-bake cheesecake mix (ok- you don't need to go down the green smoothie route if you don't want to- any flavour combo would work!)

So today i'll show you the principles so you can give it a try for yourself...i'd love to hear in the comments how it worked out for you and what creative concoctions you come up with!

The yoghurt element of the mix can be any type of plain yoghurt... i used soy for the majority of creations, but I also tested with regular dairy yoghurt and I imagine coconut yoghurt or really thick homemade nut milk mixes would work also. The overriding taste is not intensely coconutty- it;s very subtle and tat is further hidden depending on the flavours and mix-ins you could choose.

Here I went for somewhere between the 'whippy-clotted thickness' and used it to top a dairy-free chocolate milk shake as a example.

Recipe: Coconut cream


1/2 cup yoghurt of choice

1 tbs fine coconut flour (for a lighter whippy topping)

2 tbs fine coconut flour (for a thicker clotted cream style topping)

3 tbs fine coconut flour (for a thick cheesecake stye consistency)

note: you can also use a non-dairy milk in place of yoghurt, but i found the resulting mixture to be a little less smooth and cohesive, give it a try and see what you think!


Add the required qualities and mix together very well so that you have a very smooth paste with no lumps. Allow to sit for a couple of minutes to get a true feel for how thick the cream is (coconut flour is very absorbent an it may take a minute or so to feel the full affect). Add more yoghurt or flour as necessary to achieve the exact consistency you are after. Add other mix in ingredients or a little sweetener as necessary.

This mix is stable at room temperature, but I would advise keeping chilled unless consuming straight away. The mixture can also be frozen with great results i.e for a cheesecake ...see these 'healthy' sugar-free Cadbury Cream Eggs for more info and to see the creative ways it can be used!