Lemon 'cheesecake'

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Post by Jo @ including Cake

I am going through a copy cat phase at the moment... Cream topping ,'Nutella' and now cheesecake.

All these recipes are healthy dairy free twists on the originals.  Ok, so this cheesecake is arguably not really a cheesecake at all- if you want something closer in texture to a 'real' cheesecake check out these dairy free coconut cream mini baked versions, or this no-bake version (you don't have to add green smoothie if you prefer not!) 

This recipe is another one based around almond paste (can you tell it's my new favourite ingredient!)  The lemony flavour is sweet and refreshing and perfect for summer, you can top with any fruit you fancy though I recommend two things: use robust fruit you can press into the firm top of the cheesecake (i used frozen blueberries) and use lots of fruit- more than i have used in the photos! The fruit gives a lovely light contrast to the dense creaminess of the cheesecake itself and I wish i'd used more. 

The base can be any base you like, I used a 'smoosh' bar style base such as this recipe. I served my cheesecake when the blueberries were still a little frozen and it was lovely that way. The cheesecake base can be frozen along with the fruit topping, you just need to allow time for it to chill and partially defrost before serving. I also suggest using a serving tin with removable bottom and removing and slicing whist slicing fairly chilled and firm.

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Recipe: Lemon cheesecake

Makes a 12-15cm cheesecake


1/3 cup smoosh bar base (see notes above)


½ cup almond paste

3 tbs lemon juice

1 tsp lemon rind

3 tbs agave/maple syrup

½ tsp vanilla powder

a pinch of turmeric (optional for a slight yellow colour- only use a small pinch!)

½ cup fruit of choice (I used frozen raspberries)


Blend all ingredients other than fruit together until smooth.

Set aside and prepare the cheesecake base, press this into a small pan.

Spread the cheesecake topping over the base and smooth over, it may be a little oily but that’s ok. (Note if it’s very oily you can add 1 tbs coconut flour or starch to the mix to absorb some of the oil).

Press the fruit into the top of the cheesecake to give a full even coverage. Chill until ready to serve. Note: you may need to partially freeze the cheesecake in order to allow it to firm up to slice neatly.

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