Dairy Free 'White Chocolate'

Post by Jo @ Including Cake

I love chocolate, and the RealFoodSource organic coconut sugar chocolate is my ultimate favourite BUT sometimes you want a sweet treat more reminiscent of white chocolate for a change. There are a few commercial dairy free white chocolates on the market but most are full of refined nasties.  This simple creation is perfect to blend together in a few minutes and is full of good stuff.  It's also great for Easter if you are bored with milk and dark chocolate which seems to be everywhere in all the easter eggs!

Make sure you use a generous helping of vanilla bean powder (not a vanilla essence) as this really brings out the flavour of this subtle creamy candy. A little pinch of salt really helps the flavours pop too so don't skim on this.

You can use other sweeteners to blend in but I found that the thicker syrup blended better, even so you can still see the slight separation creating a layer on the top, though I think this creates a pretty effect!

Taste test as you go and modify the vanilla and syrup as you see fit. You could of course add other toppings such as nuts or dried fruits.

white choc 3a.jpg

Recipe: Dairy free 'white chocolate'



Melt the coconut oil and cacao butter carefully over a low heat until fully melted. Add remaining ingredients and mix through thoroughly.

Pour into moulds of choice (or onto a larger surface to crack into pieces once set). Add toppings is desired.

Chill to solidify and then store in the fridge prior to serving as the oils are susceptible to softening if exposed to warmth.