Easy Inca Walnut Bars

Post by Jo @ Including Cake

Inca berries and walnuts are both powerful favours... and if you like both, you will probably like these bars! Make sure you toast the walnuts for best flavour.

You could try using other nuts or seeds to suit your taste buds too... get creative. The recipe shares a similar concept with many raw style bars... blitz, press into tins, chill and slice.

Here the walnuts and inca berries are ground quite finely to ensure they bind well, the extra coconut oil and syrup are added for sweetness and to help bind.

Recipe: Inca Walnut Bars

Makes approx 8 bars



Toast the walnuts for a few minutes in a dry pan until you can just smell the aroma.

Blitz them in a food processor to form a coarse flour, adding the inca berries towards the end to break up into small pieces.

Mix through the melted oil and syrup to coat fully so the mixture is sticky and forms a ball when pressed in you hands. Firmly press the mix into a medium sized lined loaf tin or form into balls with your hands. Chill until firm.