Pancake Tuesday!

It's Shrove Tuesday, pancakes, pancakes, pancakes!  We've tried loads of variations recently but our old favourite with almond paste is always the easiest and works a treat every time! 


Serves - 1-2


2 large Eggs

100g Almond Paste

10g Coconut Sugar [optional] 

Oil for greasing pan (we used our organic virgin coconut oil)


1. Break the eggs into the mixing bowl and beat/mix well. If you are going to add the optional coconut sugar then add now and mix until dissolved.

2. Add the almond paste and mix until a creamy batter is formed ensuring there are no lumps of almond paste.

3. Heat a non stick frying pan and rub with the coconut oil(or other chosen oil). You just want a small amount of oil to coat the pan. 

4. Pour approximately a quarter of the batter into the pan. If you want a thicker pancake simply do nothing else or swirl the pan to spread the batter to the desired thickness. Cook until the top of the pancake is nearly set.

5. Using a spatular flip the pancake and cook gently for a minute or two until cooked. Repeat three more times and you should end up with four light fluffy pancakes. How easy is that!

6. Loads up with toppings, we love with our dried cranberries, nectarines and drizzled with a little of our coconut syrup (in the pic!) but for total decadence melt our coconut sugar sugar chocolate and drizzle over with our chopped walnuts!