Banana Walnut Breakfast Cup Cake

Post by Jo @ Including Cake

I've been experimenting a lot with the sunflower seed proteins. I usually opt to use the most neutral flavoured 55% protein in my baking but this time I thought I'd try the 45% so see how dominant (if at all) the flavour was. It is also useful to know how versatile each product is if you only tend to have one variety to hand.

This little snack worked out beautifully... perfect for mid morning, afternoon or post workout. Packed with protein, low in carbs and using only natural sugars, can it get any better?

Yep, because this takes just 90 seconds to mix up and 90 seconds to cook! Literally the snack when you need something satisfying and fast. I don't usually use a microwave but for quick single serve snacks like these it's a great solution. You could of course still bake it (watch the nuts don't burn!).

You could add extra nuts or fruits to the top, of even serve as a dessert with a drizzle of coconut syrup or cashew cream on top. 

Recipe: Banana walnut breakfast cup cake

Serves 1



Mash the banana in a small bowl and add all ingredients to it. Mix well to form a smooth thick batter.

Spoon into a microwaveable cup or mug and press the walnuts into the top (you can also mix extra through).

Microwave on high for 90 seconds, the top should be firm and cooked but the cake should remain soft and moist inside.