Banana and Wheatgrass Blended Shake

Post by Julie @realfoodsource and Jo @includingCake

Now we are in the summer months (we think :-) !), a cooling breakfast smoothie or post-workout shake that is light and easy to drink is often more appealing than the thicker varieties.

The new unique RealFoodSource organic chia oil and coconut oil blend makes for a great addition to this shake with it's excellent omega 3/6 balance that adds a boost to regular coconut oil. It also offers a smoother texture than banana alone and thickens up a little once chilled. Instead of blending in spinach or kale leaves for a regular style green smoothie, this shake uses wheatgrass powder for a super speedy blend. 

For the liquid component you could use water, nondairy milk or coconut water to your preference.

Recipe: Banana and Wheatgrass Blended Shake

Serves 1 



Blend until very smooth. Chill before serving.

Note: It may separate a little if stood to chill for a long time. If it does just give it a quick shake or stir.