Quinoa Mug Cakes- 2 ways!

Post by Julie @realfoodsource and Jo @includingCake

I called these mug cakes, which is pretty much what they are except I served mine in ramekins and I would suggest they make a great healthy breakfast alternative or snack variation instead of a cake.  Maybe they are more like breakfast puddings!

I baked mine in the oven but if you prefer the microwave… these would be done in just a couple of minutes. I didn’t personally try it this way but my plentiful mug cake experience over the years suggests this would work well this way too!

They are not an exact replica of an indulgent cake so I use the word loosely. The nutty flavour and texture of the quinoa is the key ingredient, giving a healthy twist, yet the flavours worked together beautiful as a simple bake served hot or cold.

You could try adding cashew paste for a richer texture.  I divided the mix in half and added cocoa to the second one to test both options out.

 Recipe: Quinoa Mug Cakes

Serves 2



Cook the quinoa if necessary (I have pre-cooked portions in my freezer at all times).  Meanwhile mix the water with the coconut milk powder until well blended then mix with the mashed banana and add all remaining ingredients.

Mix through well and then spoon into ramekins or a small oven dish.

Add toppings as desired. Note: I use frozen berries so they don’t burn in the oven.

Bake at 180C for 15-25 minutes depending on what size dish(es) used, until the top is browned but the middle is soft and a little sticky (test with a fork).

Best served hot, but also nice eaten cold for breakfast the next day!