Granola Bars

Post by Julie @realfoodsource and Jo @includingCake

Perfect for lunch boxes and mid morning treats to keep the munchies at bay. These bars are packed with nuts and healthy fats that will keep you going.... and going.... and going! The coconut sugar makes for a lightly sweetened granola bar, but add a little extra if you prefer.

These bars use regular porridge oats along with the excellent versatile 55% sunflower protein powder, but you could try using an alternative flake such as our quinoa flakes or a mixture. The texture will likely be a little different with substitutions and you may need to add a different liquid quantity, so use your own judgement as to the texture of the mixture as you slowly add the liquid. It should hold together but not be too wet. With smaller flakes you may not need as much protein powder as this was largely to help bind.

I also added a chocolate drizzle. You could simple melt down our dark coconut sugar chocolate, or do as I often do and melt down our pure cacao liquor drops adding a little coconut syrup to taste to achieve a very low sugar quick version.

Note: my bars look quite brown as the coconut oil and the water was a bit warm when i mixed it and the cacao melted through the mix a little.

Recipe: Granola bars

Makes approx 8 bars



Mix the oats, sugar and sunflower seed protein powder in a medium bowl.

Melt the oil blend and add to the dry mix along with enough water to make a sticky dough. Stir through the mix-ins last.

Press the mix into the bottom of a lined and greased loaf tin (or similar size so the mix is approx 2cm deep). Bake at 180C for approx. 20 minutes until the top is golden.

Melt a little more coconut sugar dark chocolate drops/cacao liquor drops with coconut syrup and drizzle on top. 

I have not tried freezing the bars but I imagine they would freeze well.