Sweet Potato Chocolate Pudding

By Jo @includingCake

Sweet potatoes are not just for savoury dishes, they make a beautiful base for sweet dishes too. Roasted slices dipped in dark chocolate are also great!

Sweet potato in cakes such as brownies is fast growing a popular reputation, but why not try blending them into a thick mousse-like pudding! Taste the pudding and add a little syrup as desired before serving.

This type of snack or dessert is a perfect way to get creative with the toppings, we've added bee pollen and choc drops but all dried fruits (some wet fresh fruit may curdle the mousse a little) and nuts would be great.

Recipe: Sweet Potato Chocolate Pudding

Serves 2



Cook the sweet potato. Meanwhile, blend the coconut milk powder with the hot water until smooth.

Once the potato is cooked (cool it first if you want to serve the mousse cold and retain a fully raw chocolate) blend all the ingredients together very well until thick and smooth.

Serve hot in small bowls or allow to chill in the fridge before serving (this will thicken even more). Add toppings to decorate.