Hemp & Almond Choc Bites

Everyone likes an energy bar, homemade bars are even better!

However, although I love dates many energy bar recipes use dates to bind and sweeten, which is not so great if you are sensitive to fructose or simply trying to lower your carb intake.  These bites avoid dates and are rich in the heathy fats and protein offered by almonds and hemp, keeping the hunger at bay for longer. Depending on how much sweetener you use, these can also be made suitable for a ketogenic diet.

The fact they also have a generous dose of 'raw as it gets' cacoa makes them a total winner. You could easily add other spices of flavour extracts (such a orange or almond) for an alternative twist.

Keep a stash of these in your fridge or freezer for when the munchies strike!

Recipe: Hemp & Almond Choc Bites

Makes approx 8-10 squares/balls



Blend all ingredients together until slightly sticky and press firmly into a small pan or roll into small balls. Press in a few extra hemp seeds to decorate.

Chill the pressed mixture before slicing. Store in the fridge.