Acai No-Bake Balls with Medjool Dates

By Natalie@realfoodsource and Jo@realfoodsource

Another simple acai recipe and a great way to pack in the nutrients on the go. These balls are rich and dark in colour, but they do not contain cacao...instead acai is the key ingredient! Teamed with medjool dates they are incredibly more-ish!

You can of course use different spices and extracts to make your own personal taste- such a simple recipe as the basis of your very own twist!

You could use any dates but we find our medjool dates to be the best- sticky, rich and caramelly!

Recipe: Acai No-Bake Balls

Makes approximately 10 balls



Blend all ingredients together in a food processor until you have a sticky smooth dough that you can easily roll into balls. Allow to firm up in the fridge.