One-minute Choc Quinoa Cookie Cake

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Post By  Jo @ Including Cake & Julie @ RealFoodSource

Happy New Year from the Real Food Source and Including Cake.... is it still ok to say that?

I can't believe we're this far through January already! It's been a busy few weeks for us all. At the Real Food Source we've been busy restocking our lovely Cocoa butter and ultra fine Almond flour which flew off the shelves before Christmas.  We've also been researching some great new products we have in mind for 2014 and experimenting with a lot of chocolate ideas... more to follow soon. Over at Including Cake i've launched an ebook called 'Fit-food: The Plant Based Way'. It's my first ever book and it's been in the pipeline (my mind) for sooooo long. It feels like a great start to the year.

The free ebooks we created here at the The Real Food Source have also been going down well... you can still download the Coconut Milk Powder one here and the Christmas one that accompanies the RFS baking bundle here (be sure to checkout by themselves without other items to receive the link on email).  We have another lined up for you in coming weeks- this time focussed on nut butters. It's a great topic as nut butters are so versatile. Way beyond the trusty jar of peanut butter, the nut butters sold here at RFS are the creamy neutral flavoured butters/pastes that lend themselves perfectly to so many recipes where you want thickness, creaminess and lots of dairy-free goodness! 

I have created recipes using various nut butters over the years and so I have a few recipes I wanted to explore and tweak. First one up: 1-minute choc quinoa cookie cake. This makes a single serving (I often make a small version when i'm experimenting just in case!) but you could multiply the mixture and dollop mounds on a baking sheet .

Check back for more nut butter recipes to come in the next few days....

Do you enjoy nut butters? What kinds of recipes would you like to see more of using nut-butters?  Let us know and we'll try to incorporate into our book!


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Recipe: One-minute choc quinoa cookie cake

Makes: one single serving


  • 1tbs almond or cashew butter
  • 1tbs cocoa
  • 1tbs ground chia seed
  • 1 tbs agave syrup (or a few drops stevia)
  • 2 tbs water
  • 1/4 cup cooked quinoa
  • sprinkle of chia seeds- optional (or other toppings of choice)


Mix all ingredients (other than quinoa) together to form a thick smooth paste. Add the quinoa last and coat evenly. Spoon into a flattened cookie shape on the serving plate (make sure it's microwaveable) Smooth the top with the back of a wet spoon if necessary. Note: use a lined baking sheet for multiple cookies

Cook for 60-80 seconds in the microwave until firm to touch. The cookie with be soft and fudgey and eaten from the plate. It's not a pick up in your hands type! Enjoy!


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