Lemon Baobab Balls

Post by Julie @realfoodsource and Jo @includingCake

No bake bites, such as these, are often made with dates as the base for both sweetness and as the main binding ingredient.

I wanted to go for an alternative lower fructose option with the flavour of the lemon taking centre stage. I also added baobab for a complimentary flavour and nutritional boost. The light colour of the powder ensures these balls don’t loose their lightness of colour.

For an extra lemony yellow colour add more bee pollen to the blend or even a little bit of turmeric.

I formed these into balls and rolled them in bee pollen and desiccated coconut flakes, but you could just as easily press them into a slab, chill them and slice into squares. 

I imagine (as with most other raw bites) these would also freeze very well.

Recipe: Lemon baobab balls

Makes approx. 8 balls



Blend all ingredients together to form a sticky mix. Squeeze into balls or press into a small lined tray. Add coating/topping and chill until firm.

*For a more intense lemony flavour you could also add approx. ½ tsp lemon extract.